Jazz Up Your Hiking Bag: Few Best Accessories That Go with It

Your backpack, hiking boots, and sleeping bag matter a lot. But that doesn’t mean you dismiss the smaller accessories that take your hiking trip from good to great. Here are some of the best hiking accessories you should take on your next trip.  

A Portable Stove for Hot Food On-the-Go

It makes sense to carry a portable stove around where weight is no longer an excuse. After all, what is a hiking trip without some hot coffee and a hot meal to go with it? Our Survival Stove is an ultralight hiking accessory made from high-quality stainless steel. It comes with a built-in pan and pot stand with a nylon velcro carry case. The best thing about this stove is that it’s a wood-burning stove that’s environmentally friendly as well.

Plus, this adds something extra to look forward to after a long, tiring, and exhausting hike up the mountains. Apart from this, you can even use this portable stove for brief outdoor forays. For instance, you can take it along while going to a nearby hill and spend some time making coffee before continuing forward or sit back and enjoy the view.     

Traverse Shelter

For those new to tarp shelters, this is pretty tricky to set up initially. However, it gets easier with some pre-hike research and an optimal setup configuration manual. This Traverse shelter is the perfect solution from Klymit. It has various attachment points combined with trekking poles and aluminum stakes to keep this shelter in place. The shape of this Klymit shelter is the most stable design out here.

You can also use it as a hammock shelter or pair it up with a traverse hammock by Klymit. An A-frame configuration can be used to set up the traverse shelter, which can then act as an excellent shield against strong winds and cold weather.

Fire Starter Canister

A picture of AARN’s fire starter canister

Unpredicted rainstorms on the mountains are pretty frustrating. Have you tried cooking food on a mountain or a hiking trail with rain poring down fast and hard? It’s near impossible to do so, plus there’s this whole situation with staying warm. One such ultralight hiking gear available at  AARN USA is the fire starter canister by Quicksurvive. This versatile fire starter starts up a fire fast without any prepping time. There’s no need to get the tinder ready, and it’s the perfect accessory to jazz up that hiking bag of yours.

AARN USA for All Your Accessorizing Needs

AARN USA is the best lightweight backpack supplier in New Zealand, America, and Canada. We understand that a hiking backpack is incomplete without some lightweight backpacking gear to accessorize it with. From traverse shelters to fire starter canisters, we have all the hiking accessories you need to make your trip memorable, safe, and fun.  

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