Tips To Stay Hydrated While Hiking

Lets look at a few ways to stay hydrated while hiking: 

  • Marcy Downing says...

    Hi Genie & Rick, thank you again for reaching out to me on the backpack situation with Amazon, I put in a request that they cancel my order and that I was going to go directly to you, the US Aarn Reps and it all worked out wonderfully! We rec’d my husbands Long/ Large Featherlite Freedom pack with the sport universal bags. It fits him perfectly and we both can wait to use our Featherlites on the Camino next year!! thank you also for the complimentary neck cooling wraps, that was very generous of you! We are spreading the news about your backpacks and pray your business will flourish!
    Many happy backpacking trails to you
    & God Bless,
    Marcy & Robert Downing~
    Lakeside, Ca. USA

    On February 21, 2020

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