DayLite Packs


Our Daylites collection are the ultimate daypacks for men and women looking for comfort on their daily adventures. Similar to our ultralight hiking gear, the Daylites collection offers daypacks that are the right size for a day out exploring. This is the best lightweight backpack for comfort, design and reducing stress on your body. Place an order for your ultralight daypack in our online store today!

Fore newbies, all daypacks are the same, but as experts, we know better! There’s a clear difference in quality and comfort between daypacks made specifically for outdoor activities and backpacks found in regular stores.

Choosing the perfect daypack for hiking isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. An ultralight backpack can help you finish your trail with painlessly. On the other hand, the wrong backpack will slow you down and stress your back.

At Aarn-USA we provide the best lightweight backpacks that are perfect for hiking and traveling. Check out our collection and find the best fit for you!

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