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Marathon Magic 22, 33
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Marathon Magic 22, 33 Marathon Magic 22, 33

Marathon Magic 22, 33

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Product Description

“ Masterpiece” Outdoor Magazine, German

Editors Choice award, Outdoor Magazine, Germany

When you’re participating in something like an ultra marathon or hiking extremely long distances, the last thing you’d want to worry about is your backpack. Rated as the “Editors Choice Award” by Outdoor Magazine Germany, Aarn USA’s Marathon Magic Bags are the go to comfortable backpack for outdoor activities.

  • 3D Mono Mesh Backpanel keeps users cool under hot conditions
  • Design allows for ultimate stability, body movement, and item accessibility, making it ideal for hikers, bikers, runners, and trekkers.
  • Works well for a simple overnight hike or an extreme marathon

This lightweight daypack is the chosen bag for explorers of all sorts. Its flexible frame conforms to your movements and doesn’t feel bulky when full of items!


Both versions of the Marathon Magic lightweight daypacks come with Marathon Balance Pockets at no additional cost! You can access these pockets easily during all excursions.

  • The shoulder harness, back length adjustment strap, hydration pocket,  and attachments for trekking poles and ice axes makes it easy to access necessities
  • Auto-from Hipbelt and X-Flow Straps help to reduce excess compression and balance weight evenly

There’s a reason this bag is chosen as one of the best hiking daypacks! Not only is it extremely comfortable, but it’s also the perfect size and design for storing all of your necessities.


Both Marathon Magic bags could could 1-liter water bottles and snacks and they come with a zip out divider for larger items. Additionally, they feature two mesh pockets with drawcord compression for added security. The divided compartment prevents rounding-out when the bag is full, making the Marathon Magic the top hiking backpack in terms of both comfort and organization.

  • Materials of this comfortable backpack are 210D, 100D x 70D, and 40D ripstop nylon.
  • The color is a green and grey combination, giving it a natural look
  • The dimensions are 26 x 16 x 8 cm, the weight is 256 g, and the volume is 5.5L + 1 for the external mesh pockets, making it the ideal lightweight daypack

The bags connect to the hipbelt with velcro, and clips nicely to the sides of the pack and the ends of the shoulder straps. See why Aarn USA’s Marathon Magic bag is one of the best hiking daypacks, as rated by Outdoor Magazine, Germany!

MM 22 Pack: 5.3, Pockets: 1.1 Pack: 20, Pockets: 4
MM 33 Pack: 9.2, Pockets: 1.5 Pack: 35, Pockets: 5.5
MM 22

Height: 21.3 Width: 11

Depth (front-back): 6.3

Height: 54 Width: 28

Depth (front-back): 16

MM 33

Height: 21.3 Width: 11.8

Depth (front-back): 7.5

Height: 54 Width: 30

Depth (front-back): 19

MM 22 1.74 790
MM 33 1.95 884


Key Fabrics   210D, 70D x 100D & 40D ripstop nylon Color   Green/grey * U, Omni & Flexi Flow * Auto-mould Frame * Cord-loc compression


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Alternative to sternum straps when Balance Pockets are not used.

" I don’t know if you followed us on the Sahara race or not, but the Lowe family, all three, made it to the finish, making it through it with your Marathon Magic 33 packs intact. All three of us were very pleased with the pack and praised it to others when asked.  We had no problems, no tears or breakage as many had with their packs. Matthew did the best of the three of us taking fourth, just a short time from third overall. We both came in first in our age groups. Carrie Anna, my daughter competed in a very competitive ladies group, came in third in her age group and 8th overall in women.

People asking thinking the front pockets would be hot on the body– they weren’t, even when the heat that got up to 117 – 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Air seemed to flow well enough between the pockets and the body, yet the pockets did not move excessively. I know the pockets are for counter weight, but they provided plenty of space for easy and fast access to water, electrolytes, and energy foods. Grateful."

Ted Lowe, USA

I would just like to send a quick word about my wife and my experiences with your Aarn Marathon Magic (33) packs during our March/April trek of the Camino De Santiago (French Route, total distance 827kms in 24 days).

I have been involved in trekking, SAR, mountaineering, military and backpacking for most of my life and used a wide variety of pack systems in that time. I have usually preferred New Zealand options, but have also tried what other countries manufacturers have to offer.

Because of the long distance we were covering, the weight we carried (including the weight of the pack) was a priority concern. We chose the Aarn Marathon Magic 33l for its lightness, harness system and the front pockets. My wife and I managed to get our pack weights down to 7 and 9kgs respectively (this included food/water and sleeping bags).

Our thoughts on completion of the Camino are that these are by far the best packs we’ve ever used.

    • The harness system with the way the pack hugs your body and moves with you via the Omni-Flow system at the bottom of the shoulder straps is excellent. The X-Flow chest harness allowed the pack to fit so snugly that it got to a point that after a few days I had forgotten I was even wearing a pack.
    • The front pockets are excellent and not only for their quick access to gear.
    • The weather was abnormally cold and stormy for early spring in the North of Spain this year. We were regularly trekking through snow and cold wind with temperatures ranging from -5 to -7 degree C. The front pockets shielded the cold wind from your chest and stomach and also allowed you to warm your hands up by sliding them between the front pockets and your body.
    • Equipment such as guide book, Spanish Phrase book, mobile phone, camera & tripod, pocket knife, Head torch, lunch and water fit easily into the pockets and meant you could walk indefinitely without the need to stop and remove your pack to take the same items out. We even put a toothbrush and paste each in the front pocket so we could brush our teeth on the run after our breakfasts! Got some humorous looks but it’s all about saving time and getting the kilometers behind you!
    • The items in these front pockets were the heavier small items and by having them at the front meant that the balance of the pack was great. Basically it was only clothing, sleeping bags and toiletries in the back.
    • I also found an excellent spot for my Garmin Oregon GPS by clipping it to the strap close to the higher snap clip off the front pocket (where the traditional sternum strap would go).
    • The walking pole/ice axe holders on the sides are a great way of storing them when not required.
    • The pocket low down on the back of the pack was great for storing my wide brimmed hat when there was no sun (most of the time) and helped to prevent crushing it out of shape.
    • I was a little worried about how rugged the packs fabric was going to be. But by the end of our 2 month backpacking trip that included the 830km trek I only had one cut on the front of mine and my wife’s went unscathed. I was able to repair this with some strong adhesive repair tape.

      In summary I found the Aarn Marathon Magic 33 to be an excellent piece of kit and in its element on the ultra long distance trek that is the French route of the Camino De Santiago. I received a great deal of interest and curiosity from other walkers (who were mostly Europeans) and certainly recommended this pack to anyone who asked.

      Thanks very much for the good work in creating this comfortable and highly usable pack. It made our experience more fulfilling.

      Richie and Tracy, NZ

      Adjusting the Backlength






      Sore Shoulders

      Pull back force on shoulders from weight behind

      Add Balance Pockets, or if using them, put more weight in them and loosen front shoulder strap webs

      Too much weight on shoulders

      Loosen front shoulder strap webs

      Hipbelt has slipped down

      Raise hipbelt & retighten &/or shorten

      Balance Pockets are pulling down on bottom of shoulder pads

      Increase back length: Pull up on navy top back panel web

      Bodypack is too hard to put on

      Incorrect technique used

      1. Loosen hipbelt webs before putting the bodypack on for the first time.

      2. Follow this sequence: Place hands underneath Balance Pockets; grab hold of hipbelt center buckles, lift both Pockets & hipbelt up to the right height; clip center buckle together & tighten the tension web loop at top and bottom to get an even pressure at the top and bottom of the hipbelt

      3. When taking the pack off, before releasing the hipbelt center buckle, loosen the side buckles. With familiarity, you can release the 2 tensionlock buckles on each side with each hand simultaneously, by pulling the buckle ends up. Now you have set the pack up to be easy and quick to put on next time

      I no longer have the coordination anymore to master this sequence

      Substitute Universal Balance Bags for Balance Pockets. These quickly and easily attach after you have put the pack on

      My pack leans to one side

      Your pack will lean to one side, like any brand of pack, if you have the shoulder straps and/or hipbelt adjusted unequally on both sides, or you have loaded the pack unevenly.

      First check that the top stabilizer straps are equal length and the front shoulder strap webs are also equal length. Now check that the hipbelt parts are adjusted to equal length and angle on both sides of the center base plate and the side tension adjustors (cord or web) are of equal length both sides. Now with all these adjustments made, check that the hipbelt ends are sitting at a similar position on each side of your pelvis with the pack on. Finally, check that your U-Flow movement (the movement when you lift one shoulder), is equal on both sides. With everything centered, including the load, there should be no reason for your pack to lean to one side.