StrongLite Packs


Looking for the best hiking pack that can handle your heaviest loads without putting strain on your body? The Stronglites collection from Aarn is the answer. These travel day packs transfer weight to your hips while still allowing you to move freely. They are scientifically designed to be the ultimate women's and men's daypack whether you are hiking or travel. They'll be ready for every adventure and keep you comfortable on any trail. Find the right bodypack for your need and place an order with us today!

Aarn’s StrongLites are some of our most versatile daypacks.

Our StrongLites are developed for hikers that are keen on taking on the most challenging trails. They’re made to support you through your journey with their top-quality design, moisture wicking fabrics and multiple compartments to carry your belongings.

The Load Limo is the largest of the bunch. It allows you to heavy loads without straining your back. Its sophisticated frame is created to transfer heavy loads to the hips very comfortably without restricting hip movements. It’s perfect for long expeditions.

Peak Aspiration is recommended for day/overnight climbing, skiing and hiking. Its superb features, support you through all outdoor conditions.

For more dynamic and waterproof daypacks, check out our StrongLites collection below: