The X Factor


Synergy – The Whole is More Than the Sum of its Parts
Carrying load with the least impact on the human body is a highly challenging design brief. Everybody is a different size and shape and this shape changes as it moves. The placement of the load relative to the center of gravity of your body can greatly magnify the forces acting on the body, severely compromise your balance and agility and increase your energy expenditure. It has been a life mission for Aarn to meet this challenge by developing highly integrated designs with minimum impact on your body, enabling you to have more fun in the mountains and wilderness.  A large Aarn Bodypack is illustrated below, showing how many factors are integrated to achieve the X Factor:








1   The counter-balanced load allows you to stand in a natural upright posture reducing energy use.

2   Balance Pockets eliminate the pull back force on your shoulders reducing pain

3   Balance Pockets bring weight onto the front of the hipbelt, balancing the weight on the rear of the hipbelt from the pack, reducing strain on the pelvic muscles

4   Patented frame designs keep the load in the pack close to the body.


5   U-Flow allows the shoulders to move up and down.

6   Free-Flow top stabilisers increase this movement.

7   Multi-Flow 1:  hipbelt pivots at the center to allow sideways bending at the waist.

8   Multi-Flow 2:  center web and shockcord hipbelt attachment allows forward bending.

9   Multi-Flow 3:  hipbelt links to U-Tube and sliding cord allows twisting and rocking of your hips.

10  Shoulder straps connect to frame- stabilizing the top of the pack.

11  U-Tube prevents sway at the bottom of the pack


12  On-Adjust backlength adjustment allows you to fine-tune the shoulder strap height on-the-go.

13  Vertical frames can be custom-bent to create a mirror-image of your back shape

14  Horizontal frames maintain the concave shape and the slim side profile.

15  Matrix mesh shoulder straps auto-mould to your contours.

16  Pelvic-Form hipbelt is custom sizeable and auto-moulds to your hip shape.

17  X-Flow chest straps follow body contours and do not restrict your breathing.

18  Custom-mould frame with Load Transfer Tubes distributes the load evenly at 3 points around the pelvis.


19   Balance Pockets provide instant access to gear on-the-go.

20   Matrix mesh in the body contact areas allows exceptional ventilation, heat exchange and shock absorption.

21   Built-in pockets give easy access and efficient packing.

22   Tripod frame base and flat bottom help the pack to stand by itself for easy packing.

23  Balance Pockets convert into a daypack.

24   Compression straps and attachments for accessories allow creative connection of gear to the outside of the pack.


25   Careful minimalist design and selective use of lightweight materials make these packs among the lightest,

26   7075 T6 aluminium alloy stays & tubes and hollow-section 6001 T6 frames for lightness.


27  Tough abrasion resistant Kodra fabrics and ripstop nylons are used on the packs externals. All seams are bound, bar-tacked or multi-stitched where necessary. Hyperlon reinforcing used at stress points.


We welcome your intelligent feedback, both constructive and critical, based on your experiences. Our products are the result of fruitful collaboration between ourselves and our customers. We thank all our customers for their support, enthusiasm and valuable feedback. It has helped us to refine our designs into the most efficient, integrated and realized pieces of load carrying equipment available. Every year we make improvements. We like the excitement of being at the cutting edge of design. We reserve the right to improve our designs without notice!